What is the Dynamic Placement Test?

Online placement test for English

Quick to set up, easy to run — and it gives results in just 30 minutes. The Dynamic Placement Test takes the hard work out of determining each test taker's CEFR level. The results are delivered to you online, with a fine-tuned numeric score. It's instant. It's accurate. It's reliable.

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The only qualified online placement test that can be completed with mobile, with instant result delivered

Why choose the Dynamic Placement Test?

Start this online English test with any device, anywhere, anytime


Use your computers, or the test taker’s own device. Test them in the lab, or at home. Online or offline.

telc - EU's leading language testing specialist is the content provider of the Dynamic Placement Test


Devised, written and maintained by telc, the EU's leading language testing specialist — trusted since 1975.

The customer support team of ClarityEnglish is highly reliable


And it comes with reliable, consistent support. Our team is there to help you, every step of the way.

Our clients

Not only is the test instant, accurate and reliable, it's also affordable. Our clients use the test for a variety of purposes, including testing incoming students pre- or post-arrival, assigning learners to specific courses, and filtering job applicants based on their English.

Université d’Orléans
EU HOPES Project
Abu Dhabi Knowledge Group
British Council
Tutors in China

Dynamic Placement Test Blog & News


Matching test items to the CEFR: the first two stages

JUNE, 2021

In this post, Andrew Stokes looks at the first two stages of matching test items to the CEFR – with an accompanying webinar clip and report.


The finalists for the 2021 International e-Assessment Awards

MAY, 2021

ClarityEnglish, in collaboration with Atlas English, are Finalists for the 2021 International e-Assessment Awards! We are up for the Best International Implementation Award. This is for our part in the HOPES project, testing the English of 8,000 Syrian refugees using the Dynamic Placement Test.

Inclusivity in placement testing: Adapting to special needs

Associate member of Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE)

MAY, 2021

To make sure Clarity’s Dynamic Placement Test continues to meet the highest standards in language testing, we have become an Associate Member of ALTE. We look forward to upholding the ALTE mission of setting standards, sustaining diversity and maximising impact.

Admin Panel: What’s really going on?

Digital assessment: Flexibility and the CEFR

APRIL, 2021

Too many tests try to find out what students don’t know. By contrast, the CEFR is the perfect tool to measure what students really 'can do'.


How to assess a test

MARCH, 2021

In this post, Andrew Stokes suggests ten questions you should ask yourself when selecting a placement test.