Why use the Dynamic Placement Test?

The Dynamic Placement Test is instant, accurate and reliable. That’s why corporations use it as a filtering system for applicants, a language audit tool or as a language training tool. Both the test and the Admin Panel are intuitive, easy to use and designed to save time and cost.

Flexible and convenient

This test goes beyond computer delivery: it can be run even on the test taker’s own tablet or mobile.

Adaptive test design

Adaptive tests measure the whole spectrum of English proficiency in half the time required by fixed, linear tests.


The Dynamic Placement Test has been designed by telc, the EU's leading test provider.

High level of control

Decide how results are delivered and determine the appropriate level of security — test by test.

Customisable interface and delivery

Talk to our operations team to see how the range of set-up options can match your specific needs.

How do organisations use the test?

Immigration consulting

Immigration consulting

Immigration to most Western countries involves a language requirement --- whether it is for employment or residency. See how your clients measure up right at the start of the process. This enables you to put appropriate remedial measures in place in a timely manner.

HR and recruitment agencies

HR and recruitment agencies

Do you use a speaking test which is truly objective? Has your written test been through the levels of statistical analysis required to ensure that it is valid and reliable? The Dynamic Placement Test ensures a rigorous approach that is fair to each candidate. Read about a job applicant’s experience.

Language auditing

Language auditing

You may wish to send staff on courses overseas, but be unsure whether their English is good enough. Or if you are planning language training across your organisation, you need to know where best to spend your budget. The Dynamic Placement Test will provide an objective measure.